Home Within

Home Within

What does true self love look like? The answer will vary from person to person, because we all require something unique. Here is what I know, we all have the ability to find true home within ourselves, to be free from outside expectations, and to love ourselves unconditionally.


Bethany's Tip:

That voice in your head that talks to you all day, what is she saying? Are you giving it power to control your thoughts in a kind, gentle and positive way? Spend time saying to yourself what you would tell your best friend when she is down. Tell yourself that you are beautiful, you are proud of how far you've come and that "damn girl you're killing it in those jeans today."

Our positive inner voice can be the best place to start to see change within.

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Yoga Practice

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or you’re stepping onto your mat for the very first time today, know that you are right were you need to be.

Yoga can help you get grounded, stay focused and help improve your overall physical and mental health.

Connect with nature

Kick off those shoes and let your feet feel the energy of mother earth. Research shows that spending just 30 minutes a day outdoors will make you happier.