Wild Ivy is committed to being an aware and intentional brand, providing our customers with ethically sourced, high quality, eco friendly, and beautifully curated items. In all transparency, this is not a small task. With the launch of our Earth + Soul collection in the Spring of 2022, we are able to provide a collection made of 65% ethically and sustainably sourced lines. Our goal is to increase this percentage by at-least 10% with each collection release, until our entire brand is a collaboration of 100% ethically and sustainably sourced lines. Our commitment is as follows. 

1. Wild Ivy is committed to curating an aesthetically inspiring and soul awakening collection of lines and items from multiple cultures to style multiple body types. 

2. Wild Ivy is committed to educating ourselves and our clients on ethical and sustainability practices within the retail industry. We are committed to apply this education to both our brand selection policies, and our personal production policies. A glimpse into ethical and sustainability questions to consider in the retail industry.        

3.We look at brands’ impact on workers across the supply chain. These include policies and practices on child labour, forced labour, worker safety, freedom of association (the right to join a union), gender equality and payment of a living wage.   

 4.We consider each brand’s resource use and waste management, and their policies to address energy use and carbon emissions, impacts on water, microfibre pollution and chemical use and disposal.   

 5. We consider how well a brand traces it’s animal products and its animal welfare policies.

6. Wild Ivy is committed to providing a high quality product for our customers, while also providing the garment care education on how to insure longevity for the individual item.

7. Wild Ivy is committed to being as sustainable as possible in both our brick and mortar locations, and with our online store as well. We are committed to use recycled products, shipping materials, and practices at every possible turn. We are committed to do our part to leave the earth a cleaner place.

8. Wild Ivy is committed to be a transparent brand. We promise to be truthful in our practices both online and in person. We do not claim to know all the right ways, but instead we adopt the policy of "know better, do better" in all areas of our business