Sara Downing: CEO + Owner

Sara Downing, is the lovely lady who made Wild Ivy come to life. She has deep roots grounded in Oklahoma and a heart that thrives when it soars. Her love for both travel and nature bring her a sense of belonging unlike anything else. Her family is her biggest joy and greatest adventure. With her husband, Shane they have six amazing, fun and hilarious children who keep their lives busy and arms full. Sara is passionate dreamer and truly a one of a kind gem. Wild Ivy is a space where she hopes to inspire other women to be daring, to try on that dress you never imagined yourself in, be confident in your wardrobe and above all, a place to be free to be you.


Bethany Terry: Brand Manager + Online sales Manager
Bethany is a lifestyle photographer living in Minneapolis, MN. She is a wife and a Mother to two children. She has a deep love for plants and people. She is always seeing the bright side of life and believing the best in others! When she is surrounded by nature and the ones she loves her life feels complete. Oh and a good glass of wine helps too. Wild Ivy feels like a perfect fit for Bethany, she has nine years of retail management under her belt as a store manager at H&M and loves creating beautiful imagery! 



Mariah Joy: Videographer and Store Supervisor

 Mariah Joy is a photographer & therapist-to-be, but has always been a fashionista at heart! Having five younger sisters ensured endless hours of dress up and every second of it was magical. According to Mariah, getting behind the heartbeat & mission of Wild Ivy was easy, but saying “yes” to diving into the world of fashion with two of the most beautiful team members was even easier. Being people-driven & creative has inspired Mariah’s life’s goal to intertwine art & people in a professional manner. She believes anyone can be an artist & a great first step in learning how to express oneself is through clothes! Passionate about dreaming, collaboration, styling & sharing all that Wild Ivy is, Mariah can’t wait to see others experience this little piece of fashion heaven that the Wild Ivy team has worked so hard to create.