Top 10 Fashion Trends for Spring 2024

Top 10 Fashion Trends for Spring 2024

The 2024 fashion trends have us here at Wild Ivy SO excited. We don't know who chooses what's "in" but they are doing an excellent job this season. Reviving classic styles, we're seeing things like oversized blouses, denim on denim, and leather accents. Flirty and effortless elegance shines through with delicate florals, sheer fabrics, and mini dresses! 

Below we are sharing what we think are the 10 top fashion trends of 2024 so far. We are also sharing links to shop these trends in our shop. We'd love to hear from you on which of these trends you're loving, which you're hating, and which you're excited to explore!


1. Sophisticated layering with sheer fabrics

black mesh top black sheer top button up sheer white top free people lace

This spring every where we look we are seeing the romantic and tasteful sheer top. The options are endless with this flirty, yet tasteful trend. Layering a fitted sheer top over a beautiful bralette, or for more modesty, layer the sheer top under a stylish vest or tank. We love the edge this trend can bring to a sophisticated wardrobe. The key is showing just enough skin, while maintaining grace and elegance. 

Shop Wild Ivy's sheer tops here


2. Legs for days with mini everything


This is the year for legs, legs, legs! Mini skirts, mini dresses, and mini shorts will be everywhere this spring. We love the confidence and sass this style shows.

We love the flirty mini skirts we are seeing! From super feminine silk, tules, and florals, to casual and classic denim, the options are endless. We love how easy the mini skirt is to transition into warmer weather; simply toss a cute and light cardigan or sweater over your skirt on breezy nights!  

Mini dresses will always be a favorite at Wild Ivy. We love how playful this years mini dresses are. We love the classic breezy and playful princess cut mini dress, but are also loving the shift and mod style mini dresses coming back into style this year!

Mini shorts are new to most of us this spring! While this trend may not be for everyone, we can't deny the feminine and sexy look of high waisted sailor shorts. 

Shop all of Wild Ivy's mini collection here. 



3. Keep it classic with monochrome outfits, just add a pop of glam


Monochrome outfits aren't new, but they are as hot as ever. Something new we are seeing in 2024 is adding a pop of color or glam with a fun colored tennis shoe, a cute hat, or even some metallic accents! The great thing about monochrome is how many options there are color-wise! Hottest so far this year are: white, black, blue, and other pastel colors. The minimalism of the monochrome look is so chic and classic, we hope it never goes away. 

Shop some of our monochrome pieces here!


4. Denim, denim, and more denim


We can't say it loud enough, DENIM IS IN. From full denim jumpsuits, to long denim skirts, we simply can't get enough. In fact, they are calling denim the new neutral. Pair a feminine denim button up blouse with a great pair of denim jeans, and you are perfectly on trend this season. So, if denim is so hot, we suggest investing in great brands! Our favs? Oat NY, Free People, Dear John, and Hidden! Shop our favorites by those brands here.

We are so excited to carry so many fun denim pieces this year, click here to shop our Denim, denim, denim collection!


5. Sophisticated and classic button up blouses

 Another trend we hope sticks around forever is the oversized button up blouse! What could be more feminine and sexy then the gorgeous lines and shape these blouses create. We love that there are so many great color options, from white and black, to blue, tan, and striped! Paired with trousers, denim cut off shorts, thrown over a swimsuit, or with a great pair of denim, this type of blouse is an absolute must have this season. 

Shop our favorite button up blouse here!


6. Linen for the beach, linen for the desert, linen has arrived


If you've been around Wild Ivy for long you know we've built our brand around a few fabrics, one of them being linen! We're so excited to see linen trending so hard in 2024. The great thing about this fabric is how versatile it truly is. Paired with a sandal or tennis shoe, linen can be casual and breezy. Pair it with some heels and fancy jewelry and watch your linen outfit elevate! So far this year linen pants are a huge hit, and linen dresses are also gaining a lot of popularity! You know we have you covered in this department.

Shop our favorite linen pieces here.


7. Trench coats for every season 


Trench coats in spring is a forever classic, and we're so happy to be seeing them! Trench coats provide a sophisticated and timeless look to any outfit! Pair it with denim and tennis shoes, or a cute mini skirt and top! We love that they are both practical and comfortable. This is a great piece to keep in the car as it is so versatile and easy to add to any outfit! Good luck picking just one color!

Shop our favorite trench coat in two colors here.


8. Cargo pants for everyone 


 It seems like everywhere you look this spring people are wearing cargo pants! This trend looks to be here to stay for a while! New to the spring season, we are seeing cargo pants in satin! Full length, cinched ankles, and even tailored cargo pants are popular! We love the look of cargo and white leather tennies. We also think some classic leather sandals with your cargos can round out a great brunch outfit!

Shop our collection of cargo pants here!


9. It's all about the leather


One of the funnest trends of 2024 so far it the play with leather! We're really excited by the different ways to wear leather this year. From blazers, skirts, dresses, pants, and even shorts, leather is going to be everywhere. We love how this is bringing edge to the otherwise classic and timeless looks of 2024. Investing in great leather items will ensure you can keep the pieces for a long time. For an extra flare we are even seeing some fringe with leather! 

Shop our favorite leather pants here!


10. Sustainability is in, mindfulness gets its moment!


We are thrilled to see sustainability and ethical practice become a hot topic in fashion. This is something our team is SO passionate about. This doesn't mean you should throw out every item in your closet that is fast fashion! The opposite is true. Sustainability is all about mindfulness, knowing where your products come from, who made them, and how! Taking the extra time to ask these questions and do some homework will give you greater confidence when wearing your wardrobe, because you'll know you're supporting makers and furthering the protection and care of our planet and the wonderful people who live on it! 

Interested in learning more? Read all about our commitments to sustainability here!


There you have it! Our top 10 favorite fashion trends so far in 2024. Want to shop our website for all these trends? Check out our "shop by trends" page here. We'd love to hear what you think in the comments! 

 - Sara Downing, owner of Wild Ivy

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