My Why

My Why

Women are a most sacred creature, full of emotion, creativity, and strength. In the hustle of life in 2022, women are often worn-out and under inspired. It's my passion to encourage each woman who steps into Wild Ivy to slow down, take a deep breath and remember their incredible value. Women are to be celebrated, united, and free. Helping a woman find clothing that both inspires her, and reminds her of her freedom is the ultimate focus and goal of Wild Ivy. Reminding her that what's trending isn't the priority, but what ignites her soul is. Empowering women to lean into their truest self and encouraging her to share that with the world will always be our honor and passion.

My why for creating Wild Ivy sparked from a place deep in my soul that needed to be set free. After a decade of being a stay at home mom, I was desperate for a space to let my creative side out. Having my girls see me working so hard towards my goals, my dreams and my passions is huge added bonus. My family is the biggest reason I do what I do daily. I am so grateful we all get to walk through this journey together.


-Sara Downing, Owner & CEO

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Yoga Practice

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or you’re stepping onto your mat for the very first time today, know that you are right were you need to be.

Yoga can help you get grounded, stay focused and help improve your overall physical and mental health.

Connect with nature

Kick off those shoes and let your feet feel the energy of mother earth. Research shows that spending just 30 minutes a day outdoors will make you happier.