ETICA - Sustainable and ethical denim company

created in Mexico. They believe in fair trade,

industry-leading sustainable equipment, and

building community.


Honest Cotton - Based in southern California.

Each garment is ethically made and sewn

with french seams to ensure each piece is

finished at the highest quality.


BED STU - Made with genuine leather and

natural dyes these shoes and bags will not

only stand the test of time, but will not harm

you or out environment.


LANTHROPY - Delicately made with 100% linen,

handcrafted in a family owned business in

Vietnam. Created with eco-friendly treatments.


SCANDAL ITALY - Handmade silk garments

from Italy. fabrics are carefully hand-dyed in

Italy by some of the oldest and most revered

families of craftsmen in the fashion industry.


Gentle Fawn - 30% of their garments are

sustainable and they have a goal to continue to

improve their carbon foot print every year.


Sierra Winter - Plated with real gold and silver,

her timeless jewelry is ethically made.


Avarcas Pons - Handmade in Spain with genuine

leather and recycled materials.


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Yoga Practice

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or you’re stepping onto your mat for the very first time today, know that you are right were you need to be.

Yoga can help you get grounded, stay focused and help improve your overall physical and mental health.

Connect with nature

Kick off those shoes and let your feet feel the energy of mother earth. Research shows that spending just 30 minutes a day outdoors will make you happier.